Filipino Ladies who Explore a modern Approach Prefer the Tablet otherwise Tubal Sterilization

Filipino Ladies who Explore a modern Approach Prefer the Tablet otherwise Tubal Sterilization

Women in the new Philippines can get getting pupils over the course of their reproductive age, in the event the most recent fertility costs are lingering. With regards to the 1998 Philippines Federal Group and you will Fitness Questionnaire (PNDHS), 47% away from partnered female already routine birth-control. step 1 Brand new pill and you can feminine sterilization are the best methods (per employed by ten% off partnered women that routine contraception), with detachment and you may natural nearest and dearest considered (9% each).

The brand new decide to try to your 1998 PNDHS provided thirteen,983 feminine old fifteen-forty-two. Many respondents was basically married during the brand new questionnaire (53%), got went to at the very least basic school (98%) and you may had been Catholic (82%).


The newest average age to start with ong Filipino female aged twenty-five-49 was in 1998. Age to start with ong women with no education so you can 21.5 certainly women that got attended twelfth grade. Under fifty% of women which have at least some college education got partnered from the decades twenty five. Ladies in towns partnered, an average of, couple of years afterwards as opposed to those inside the outlying elements (23.0 against. 21.0).

During the time of the fresh survey, 53% of women old fifteen-forty-two was in fact hitched and 36% had not ever been hitched. The others were often cohabiting, widowed otherwise separated.

Women aged twenty five-44 had very first had intercourse in the a median chronilogical age of 22.1 ages, just like you to definitely at which female first hitched. Age at first intercourse seems to be rising: Female aged 25-31 had become having sex from the an average age 22.8, compared to 21.7 certainly women aged 45-44. Like decades initially relationship, brand new median age initially intercourse flower which have amount of training: Feminine no degree had been that have sex on decades 19.step 3, whenever you are ladies who got went to senior high school got first got intercourse at the many years 21.5.

Virility and Fertility Choice

The total fertility price (TFR) to possess Filipino female old fifteen-forty two, in line with the three years preceding the new questionnaire, is actually step 3.eight lifestyle births for each and every woman. Ladies who lived-in rural components you certainly will have a much nearly several a great deal more lifetime births than just women in cities (cuatro.eight versus. step 3.0). Feminine without degree otherwise which have an elementary university knowledge had a much higher TFR than women having at the least some college or university degree (5.0 versus. dos.9 births).

Women old 25-forty-two had had the very first birth from the an average age of 23.step 3. Feamales in urban areas got begun childbearing 2 years after than just women in rural section (24.step three versus. 22.2), and you can women’s age in the beginning birth rose regarding 20.5 certainly one of women and no education in order to twenty-two.eight among feminine with high college or university studies.

Full, 7% of females aged fifteen-19 got had a birth or were expecting employing very first youngster in the course of the fresh survey. Adolescents residing in outlying elements were more than two times as probably as those who work in towns to own started childbearing (11% vs. 5%). Subsequent, the right one a young lady got began childbirth rejected just like the her number of knowledge flower, out-of 17% regarding fifteen-19-year-olds without education to help you 5% of women which have at the very least specific college degree.

Women in the Philippines, normally, considered step three.2 students ideal. Younger female desired reduced household than simply earlier women. Eg, feminine old fifteen-19 need dos.8 students, whenever you are women aged forty-five-forty-two experienced step three.8 students better. Next, feminine without education wanted large parents than just ladies who had had at least specific training (5.step one vs. step 3.0-3.5 college students). Need family relations size ranged nothing by section of house.

Most women (62%) claimed looking no more people. Female that have a fundamental university knowledge was in fact probably be than others with an increase of knowledge otherwise having nothing anyway to want zero alot more students (72% against. 43-60%). Then, the desire to end childbirth flower sharply toward level of living college students, off 17% of women with one youngster so you’re able to 53% of them which have a couple people and 75% of these that have around three; 89% of women which have half a dozen or even more pupils need no more.


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