Sample Web Application for NET Clients

As we won’t be using labels in the code, you can leave their ID property values as generated, and just put appropriate labels in the Text property. You should name the ID and TextBox controls txtName, txtStreet, and so on. Add one button and rename its ID to btnSave and Text property to Save. This chapter provides step-by-step instructions to create a simple Windows ASP.NET Web application that uses the Coherence for .NET library. In this ASP.Net framework tutorial, you will learn ASP.Net from scratch with basic concepts like Introduction, Page Life Cycle, Controls, etc. You will also learn Web Forms, .Net MVC, WCF & Web API, ASP.NET interview questions, etc., in this ASP.NET for beginners course.

  • We set up the above product page layout using a template.
  • It displays a product image, product details, and a navigation bar.
  • This is the file which will contain all the web-specific code for our project.
  • You can create separate functions for each function and link it to the relevant asp tag in the corresponding .aspx file.

ASP.Net is a web development platform provided by Microsoft. ASP.Net applications can also be written in a variety of .Net languages. The ASP stands for Active Server Pages, and .NET is Network Enabled Technologies. In the Solution Explorer, you will be able to see the DemoApplication Solution. This solution will contain 2 project files as shown above. At the moment, one of the key files in the project is the ‘Global.asax.cs’.

Create an ASP.NET Project

In addition, Web Pages applications are easily extendable with programmable helpers
databases, videos, graphics, social
networking and more. Web Pages is one of many programming models for creating ASP.NET web sites and
web applications. When a browser requests an ASP or ASP.NET file, the ASP engine what is reads the file, executes
any code in the file, and returns the result to the browser. Both technologies enable computer code to be executed by an Internet server. Run the application and navigate to /product/123, your web browser. You should see the product details page with the ID “123” displayed.

asp net application examples

Step 3) In the next screen, you have to choose the type of web application that needs to be created. In our case, we are going to create a simple Web Form application. Let’s look at an example of how we can implement a simple “hello world” application. For this, we would need to implement the below-mentioned steps. A simple web-based file management application that allows end-users to view and edit documents.

Real-World Sample Applications

ASP.NET is a framework for developing dynamic web applications. In this ASP.NET Core tutorial, you will also learn .NET basics for freshers and advanced learners like Web Forms, .Net MVC, WCF and Web API, etc. ASP.Net is a high-speed and low-cost programming language that is widely used to create websites and applications. It is very easy to learn and requires minimal setup and resources.

asp net application examples

Add a new controller named ProductController with an action method called Details. From the Data list of controls on the Toolbox pane, add a GridView control and an ObjectDataSource (named dsContact). Please note that ControlToValidate property is set to the txtName control. Having creating these configuration files, everything is now in place to connect to a Coherence cluster and perform all operations supported by Coherence for .NET.

What are the prerequisites for this .NET for beginners tutorial?

It plays a vital role in URL mapping and directing requests to the appropriate endpoints. The ASP.NET Core routing system uses route templates to define patterns for URLs. Step 6) The next step is to add the code, which will do the work of displaying “Hello World.” This can be done by just adding one line of code to the Demo.aspx file.

In this article, we’re going to help you create your first web pplication in ASP.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio. At W3Schools every example displays the hidden
ASP.NET code. Because ASP.NET code is executed on the server, you
cannot view the code in your browser.

Why learn ASP.NET?

In this tutorial, we’ll be using ASP.NET web forms to create the individual web pages such as the Homepage, Contact Us etc. Each web form has three main components, an .aspx file for the HTML/CSS, an .aspx.cs code file and an .aspx.designer.cs file. We’ll mostly be working in the .aspx and .aspx.cs files for this tutorial. Developers can make use of ASP.NET on all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Docker. Let’s create a simple ASP.NET Core application to demonstrate routing with controllers and actions. Example 24-7 illustrates a Global.asax file and shows you how to do that, and also adds the call which redirects the user to an error page if an exception occurs.

asp net application examples

We set up the above product page layout using a template. It displays a product image, product details, and a navigation bar. We added the HTML and CSS of the navigation bar using the master page.

Key components of routing in ASP.NET Core

To open the source of a specific demo, run the solution from the corresponding directory relative to the following default root. The description value from the C# code will be displayed in this placeholder. You can also utilize Visual Studio’s Toolbox to add display elements such as images, buttons, radio buttons, and more. There are several resources available online where you can learn the ASP.NET syntax. Razor also provides a syntax for creating interactive dynamic web pages incorporating HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C#. The client-side code is usually written in JavaScript, and ASP.NET can even be integrated with other web frameworks such as Angular or React.

asp net application examples

An adaptive web application that provides functionality similar to the Microsoft Office 365. Fahad holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and his passion for all things Windows is reflected in his writing. Before you can begin developing your web app, it’s crucial to understand the essential components of ASP.NET and how you can utilize them in your web application. As you have probably guessed, ASP.NET is a fantastic framework beginners can use to build web apps.

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Moreover, it is a widely used and very popular programming language. There are huge opportunities available for .NET programmers worldwide; therefore, it is a very good option for beginner programmers to learn. You can create separate functions for each function and link it to the relevant asp tag in the corresponding .aspx file. The .aspx file will contain all of the HTML and CSS code of your web pages. Make sure that you use asp tags rather than HTML tags, because asp tags fetch data from the server and send input data to the server. This is the functionality characteristic is required in a dynamic web application.






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