How to activate ‘Developer options’ on your Android smartphone

To find out which apps utilize the most RAM and to know exactly which apps are running in the background, you can view the ‘Running services’ option. Tap this option to know services in use and cached services to take decisions as to which apps to keep in your phone. Developer Options is a set of tools and settings designed to assist an app developer in optimizing their products and tracking down errors. For example, the Pointer location option provides a precise reading of user input. While this is great for a developer who needs to understand touch location and movement, the overlay is unusable for your everyday computing. If you want to take more control over your Android device but aren’t sure where to start, we suggest looking at Android’s built-in Developer Options.

developer options android

Since this is an option integrated into your operating system, there is very little control that you can have while you try to fix any issue. Hence, your best bet is to try and refresh your device using a restart, reset, or software update. The “Select Mock Location App” option allows you to use an app to set fake GPS locations, tricking Android into thinking you’re at a location where you actually aren’t.

How to enable Developer options in MIUI (Xiaomi/ Poco) devices

Developer options on your Galaxy phone contains tools and settings that are useful when developing apps. These settings are not generally helpful to the average user, and should only be used by people familiar with app development. Battery life is one of the biggest complaints of any smartphone and taking steps to potentially increase it is always worthwhile — so long functionality isn’t impaired. That said, you might have a 90, 120Hz, or even higher refresh rate screen. Thanks to the Developer options section within Android, you are able to force your devices peak refresh rate to be used across every area of the system.

developer options android

A prime example is Pokémon Go or even streaming apps when you want to access geo-locked content. If there are online services or some apps that you may not want to disclose your location to, you can choose the ‘Mock location app’ in developer options. This allows you to discretely carry out functions online without any footprints. 4.Now you can easily find ‘Developer options’ under Systemin the settings menu of your phone. If it does not appear, search ‘Developer Options’ in the search bar of your phone’s settings menu. Once you disable (or deactivate) Developer options, you can’t be able to access this feature from Settings.

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Developer Options on Android is a hidden feature that you need to enable to access its various features. Developer options allow you to configure your device behaviors to improve app performance. It also helps you enable debugging app performance over USB and capture a bug report on your device. This feature also helps you root your Android phone and do more activity.

  • The Background process limit setting lets you select the number of apps that remain running in the background.
  • I hope this tutorial helped you disable the Developer Mode on your Android phone.
  • Once this option is enabled, you will need to use the physical power button to lock the phone while charging.
  • For instance, if you’re trying to spoof your GPS, you need to make additional changes in the developer options menu after you have enabled developer mode.
  • The developer options feature is enabled by default on Android devices running on Android 4.1 or below OS versions.
  • One major drawback is the potential security risks it introduces.

We’ll show you how to do it, and if you still have further problems, we’ll also provide you with a few troubleshooting methods to fix them all. If you have been following the news, you would know that Google has released its latest Android 11 update to all users with a compatible device. This time around, the rollout was wider than before since not just the Pixel device but OnePlus and other Android manufacturers also received the update. The search engine giant brought forward a plethora of new additions to the table while also tweaking the interface for better utility. Today, let’s dive in to see how you can enable Developer Options in Android 11 for enhanced controls and features. First and foremost, Developer options can sometimes be known as “Developer mode” on some Android devices.

Fake GPS Location

These options are intended for developers and advanced users who want to customize their device’s performance and functionality. Enabling developer options on your Android device can give you access to a wealth of customization options and tools. In your android phone’s settings, there is a menu of options that not many are familiar with called ‘Developer Options’. Most of these tools are used by technical developers but knowing how to enable developer options on android for your advantage can help increase your phone’s efficiency. There are many tools and options in the developer options menu, which may make this task a little confusing, but it is easy once you get a hang of it.

In case your smartphone brand isn’t listed here, do note that the method to turn developer options on doesn’t differ too much from the steps mentioned above. If you change your mind and want to disable the developer options, just open them in the settings and you’ll see a simple on/off toggle in the upper right corner. By following these 5 steps, you can successfully enable the Developer Options.

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The stay awake option keeps your screen from going to sleep while the device is plugged in. This is useful when your display requires frequent attention. Whether you want to keep an eye on the Bitcoin prices or watch the live score of a game while working, the Stay awake feature has you covered. Many popular apps, including Instagram, ESPN, etc., don’t support split-screen mode yet. Instead of waiting for that feature to arrive, you can enable the ‘Force activities to be resizable’ to stuff your favorite apps into a split-screen instantaneously. To access the Developer Options, go back to the Settings menu and go to System.

It doesn’t use much data, but you can disable the feature if you’d like. This will force Android to use 4x multisample anti-aliasing in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and other apps. This requires more graphics power and will probably drain your battery a bit faster, but it will improve image quality in some games.

How to activate ‘Developer options’ on your Android smartphone

Remember that developer mode was initially intended for app debugging and manipulating system responses and functionality. The selections within developer mode typically include debugging, networking, input, hardware-accelerated rendering, media, monitoring, and applications. It’s up to you how you want to customize the settings, as you can categorize them according to your specific preferences. In the developer options menu you will find the ‘animation scale options’.

developer options android

To enable Developer options in your Android, head over to the Settings menu, scroll down, and tap on ‘About phone’. After that, you’ll see a message that reads ‘You are now a developer’. You might have to enter your password before that, if you’ve used one for locking your phone. I don’t see many instances of this option being incredibly useful. But if you want to keep your display active when your device is charging, there is an option called Stay awake within Developer options.






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